If you ever wondered what Hellboy’s creator Mike Mignola’s studio would be like, MTV gives you the opportunity to take a peek at the artist’s creative space. I don’t know about all of you, but I love everything about these images. Everything! [ source ]

Without a doubt, Mike Mignola is a great example of success for any independent creator. This year we celebrate 20 years of Hellboy.

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oh, man, assorted foliage​, look

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aaah… well. i’m not exactly good at explaining things. just look at my million examples instead. )——:

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How October Jones Passes Time on the Train

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thelibrarydrone ha chiesto: what do you do to get over the thoughts pouring over you when confonted with the blank page?


The only thing to do with a blank page is draw on it. It’s just a piece of paper. Make things up on it, move it aside, get another piece and do it again.




A gorgeous fuck-ton of human ear references (per request).

Your main admin said reblogging an old post might be helpful to you guys!!!! This one didn’t seem to have as much notes, but ears are so wonderful, so I’m reposting this one!!!!

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The relaxed, semi-cupped hand: as an artist, you will draw this a billion, zillion times. Print these out for practice and reference.

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All my life I’ve been extremely negative and mean, so I want to change that!!

I completely understand why a lot of us feel that we’re not good enough artists. Especially in animation, it’s a competitive field. And we’re constantly pressured to go to an art school, get a degree, get an internship, and work in an industry before we turn 30 and we’re “old”.

The anxiety and stress is unhealthy and just lowers our self-esteem dramatically. I personally blame the internet.

More tips:

  1. It’s never too late! Who cares if you’re 15 or 40. Don’t feel inadequate if someone younger has accomplished more or if someone is more admired than you.
  2. It’s okay to dream to work in certain studios, but your other big goal is to be the best artist you can be. I know that sounds cliche but it’s a good way to feel proud of yourself. That is still my biggest ambition and the amount of friends and contacts I’ve made over the past couple of years is a tremendous bonus.
  3. Be nice to yourself!! I’m a self-critique but it’s okay to feel proud of your work. Accept every compliment you receive and be grateful. I’m a bit nervous towards any form of adulation but I’m thanking everyone regardless.
  4. Sometimes it’s okay to whine. I used to be against that but that just bottles up your emotions until it explodes and you’re depressed for 3-4 whole months. Write it out in a journal or talk to someone. Then cheer yourself up because you deserve to be happy.

Yeesh I’m sorry for the all the blabbering. I hope this helps everyone. This is also for me too so I don’t always feel crummy. It stinks but we can pull through it!

Let’s get confident!!

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finally someone breaks it down for those of us who are makeup challenged.

actually really good for those that struggle with lighting in painting!



finally someone breaks it down for those of us who are makeup challenged.

actually really good for those that struggle with lighting in painting!

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I had a conversation about this in the morning and as soon as it was over, I started making these.


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